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Martyrs Square is the most beautiful in Beirut Historical Tour

When Lebanon SightSeeing decided to offer a tour of a special kind in Beirut, the well-known Lebanese capital, it chose that tour to be the Historical Tour. This is in order to break the tourist’s traditional image of Beirut as it is only an entertainment city in the first place, with its stunning nature and a distinguished marine location. No, our company aims for Beirut to have a much higher status. It is without a doubt the position it deserves.

This is by mentioning its strong connection to history through its antiquities, which you will enjoy exploring through our tour. On top of which is the Martyrs’ Square, which we decided to talk about in detail in the article so that you know the extent of the magnificence and beauty of visiting it. The article will certainly not be able to talk about all the monuments of Beirut. Therefore, we will talk about it through a number of articles. This article is one of them.

The importance of Martyrs Square in Beirut

Martyrs Square in Beirut is one of the most beautiful public squares in Lebanon, and the largest square in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. It enjoys great symbolic importance and value for the Lebanese people. It is located in the heart of the commercial center of the capital and overlooks many of its distinctive features. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Beirut.

History of Martyrs Square in Beirut

The Martyrs’ Square in Beirut used to be an area of orchards, on which a palace was built by Prince Fakhr al-Din al-Ma’ani II, which was later demolished. It was known as the orchards of Najm al-Din. In the middle of the eighteenth century, it was called the Cannon Square in relation to the cannons that the Russian fleet forces brought to it, and after that it was known as the Tower Square in relation to the large watchtower that was in the middle of it.

The most important feature of Martyrs Square

The first thing that will catch your eye in Beirut Martyrs Square is the bronze memorial to the martyrs of May 6, and a stone monument in which the church embraces the mosque, referring to the unity and rapprochement of religions. The most beautiful art of Ottoman mosques.

There are near Martyrs Square in Beirut a large number of shops for various types of commodities, fashion galleries, and stores for the largest and most luxurious world-famous brands, in addition to many distinctive cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious and delicious types of Lebanese popular food and meals from various international cuisines, as they are held in the square. Many official and national events and celebrations and festivals.

Finally, Martyrs’ Square in Beirut is distinguished by its proximity to many prominent historical and natural landmarks such as Hamra Street, Sursock Palace, Raouche Rock, Zaytouna Bay, and many other distinctive tourist places in Beirut.