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Get to know the village of Beiteddine, the jewel of tours in Lebanon

Beiteddine Lebanon is one of the most beautiful towns in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, and one of the distinctive and famous mountain villages in Lebanon. That is why it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Mount Lebanon. That is why Lebanon SightSeeing decided that this village would be one of its most beautiful tours. The following are its most important features that once you know it, you will never give up visiting it.

The history of the town of Beiteddine in Lebanon dates back to the nineteenth century, as it was established by Prince Bashir Al-Shihabi II to be the capital of the Al-Shihabi emirate, and a number of luxurious palaces were built in it, and today it is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country, and millions of foreign tourists visit it annually. And the locals.

During your trip to the town of Beiteddine, Lebanon, you will find a number of green forests among the mountainous heights rich in cedar trees, and you will also be far from the hot and noisy atmosphere of the city, as the town of Beiteddine, due to its height, will give you a cool atmosphere even on the hottest days of summer.

You will also see many archaeological monuments there, most notably the Beiteddine Palace, which is built according to the most beautiful designs and wonderful architectural arts that blend the Arab, Islamic and ancient European character.

Also, in Beiteddine in Lebanon, there are many cafes of a popular Lebanese character, and restaurants that offer the most delicious and delicious types of Lebanese food that Lebanese villages are famous for. With all the advantages we have mentioned, it is truly the jewel of Lebanese tourism.

Finally, the town of Beiteddine Lebanon is distinguished by its proximity to many prominent historical and natural monuments, such as the Chouf Cedar Reserve, Jbeil Castle, Jounieh, Kfarhim Cave, and many other distinctive tourist places in Mount Lebanon. Therefore, the tour scheduled by the company, which includes Deir al-Qamar and the Chouf Forest, will not be tiring at all.