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A tour inside the famous Sursock Palace in Beirut

Sursock Palace is one of the most magnificent ancient palaces in Lebanon, and one of the most famous historical monuments in Lebanon, which has become a museum in which more than 5,000 artifacts of various ancient and modern arts and civilizations are displayed, and it is considered one of the most important tourist places in Beirut. It is therefore an essential stop on the Lebanon SightSeeing Company’s historical tour of Beirut. We decided to talk about it in this article in detail to know the nature of visiting this place and the most important characteristic of it.

Sursock Palace was built in Beirut in the year 1912 by Mr. Nicolas Sursock, who took the palace as his residence, and who ordered in his will that the palace be gifted to the city and authorized to be a museum. It was converted into a museum in 1961, and today it is one of the largest tourist attractions in the country.

When you arrive at Sursock Palace, you will see its exterior design, which blends many architectural arts of ancient civilizations. When you enter the palace, you will see among its luxurious rooms and corridors with carved columns and walls decorated with the most beautiful inscriptions, a group of the most beautiful antiques and monuments dating back to the various ancient civilizations that passed through Lebanon from Phoenician and Greek, a group of paintings by the most famous Lebanese, international artists, and another group of exhibits from the Islamic era, such as manuscripts, weapons, handicrafts, and others.

Sursock Palace Beirut also includes a library that includes a collection of valuable books that display and explain the history, civilizations and antiquities of Lebanon, a souvenir shop, in addition to a wonderful garden full of huge perennial trees, rare green plants and colorful flowers, and there are some statues and lakes of wonderful water fountains, and it has a distinctive restaurant. We offer the most delicious and delicious types of popular and traditional Lebanese food.

Come on, hurry to visit Sursock Palace located in the Ashrafieh district in the heart of the Lebanese capital, which is distinguished by its proximity to many prominent historical and natural landmarks such as the Raouche Rock, the Beirut National Museum, the Beirut Corniche, and many other distinctive tourist places in Beirut that are part of the company’s tour program. Which means that visiting it is easy and convenient. By the way, this visit is also free, as there is no entry fee for this palace.