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A tourist tour is the most beautiful in the Lebanese city of Tyre

Welcome to the tour company of Our Lady of the Seas, the Lebanese city of Tyre. These tours, which may combine Tyre and several other regions in Lebanon, suggest that these tours will not make you explore the city of Tyre as it should. Especially with its many tourist attractions. However, we emphasize that the company’s philosophy is based on diversifying the tours by not being satisfied with one place, even if it is the size of the city of Tyre, which makes you get the most enjoyment. We assure that the part that Tyre occupies in our tour in time will be sufficient to get acquainted with its various wonderful features, which we will talk about in this article in particular.

Tyre Archaeological Area

And the first thing you should visit in the wonderful city of Tyre is its ruins, on top of which is its famous castle. Those antiquities, which helped to emerge, were in the past a center for the trade of the ancient world, which helped the succession of civilizations over them, such as the Phoenician, Greek, Roman, and so on.

Therefore, do not miss visiting the ancient Roman remains there, where the stone buildings, from the arches, and the remains of Roman temples. Which provides you with excellent views for watching and photographing on the one hand. And learn through the tour guide the history of the Romans with the region being the most important civilization in it because it is simply the civilization that managed to leave its mark in the place through the survival of its effects in the city until now.

Finally, the Hippodrome is also an interesting and famous archaeological site. By visiting it, the distinctive historical picture for you as a tourist about the city of Tyre will be completed. Especially with the availability of tourist guidance during the visit. Which tells about the place in a brief, integrated and interesting way at the same time which makes the visit very interesting.

Old Tyre Port

With the splendor of its charming scenery, it also enjoys a long history as one of the oldest and most important ports in the world, which was linked to the various exchanges that took place between the countries of the ancient world. It is therefore one of these areas, which witnessed many situations and events that the professional tour guide will explain to you of course, making you sure that it expresses the heritage spirit, in addition to the fact that it also represents a beautiful nature, as it overlooks the pure water, which helps to relax and enjoy. Of course, do not miss visiting the ancient lighthouse of Tyre, which undoubtedly increases the joy and strength of the visit.

Tyre Markets

The places of tourism in Tyre depend greatly on the archaeological areas, as mentioned above. But at the same time, there are places of tourism in Tyre that are characterized by sophistication and permanent development, especially shopping places. Every time you visit the Tyre markets, you will see something new, and everything that is distinctive, as it is a city that enjoys good taste, and for this reason it spreads in Tyre the distinguished centers that supported One of the places of tourism in Tyre in a large way, and all visitors to Tyre, they make a shopping tour; Because Tyre shops offer gifts, exquisite, handmade souvenirs. So be sure to visit it.

Tyre Beaches

It is one of the different beaches of Lebanon, as it is a beach located in the Mediterranean basin, and this beach is incomplete for tourism factors, and the reason is that the region is natural, and maintains this aspect, away from human interventions, so visitors see it as one of the most relaxing places in the world, and many want to see This is a natural area, in which man does not interfere. You will enjoy it a lot while visiting it and visiting other beaches such as Al-Khiam Beach and Al-Naqoura Beach, as well as visiting the natural reserve of this beach and the Wadi Al-Hujeir Reserve, which makes you see pristine nature in a realistic way.