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Jeita Grotto… A Cruise Inside a Mountain!

Visiting the Jeita Grotto is an adventure full of suspense and fun, which does not make it possible to achieve the dazzling of this adventure in any other visit or tour, whatever it is. Therefore, Lebanon SightSeeing was keen to make this visit the first station for sharing tours that it offers to tourists. In view of the importance of the place, we have dedicated this entire article to talk about it, to know the extent of its magnificence and wonders. This will prompt you to participate in the tours that include his visit through our company. To enjoy its strangeness and excitement.

It is a natural wonder that man did not interfere in its construction and engineering in the beautiful way it is now. It has been nominated to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World due to its masterpieces. Those masterpieces that make the number of visitors annually about a quarter of a million people. And on top of these masterpieces, of course, the natural formations of rocks in this cave. As well as its dazzling colors. All of this may be due to natural factors, such as the winds and the waters of Nahr al-Kalb, where the cave is located.

One of the attractions of Jeita Grotto is also that it consists of two parts: upper and lower. The upper can be explored on foot for a distance of up to 120 metres. And that with all its wonderful rock formations that are constantly changing with the continuous natural factors in the place. The lower part is watery and can be explored by boat. This is how you get a wonderful water tour while you are in the interior of a mountain and land.

And with the reflections of the river water on the rocks of the lower cave, you will find bright and attractive colors appearing around you. To make your journey look like a journey to one of the neighboring planets, not a journey inside the Earth. The memorial photos that you will take here will be of very amazing and creative scenes and scenery, and you will certainly astonish all of your friends and acquaintances who see them.

Also, the tour guide provided by our company on that visit will undoubtedly make it more enjoyable. In it, you know how the cave was discovered by chance, by firing a bullet, but the sound of its stability in the place was not heard. This led to the discovery of a cavity that was the way to the Jeita Grotto, which the discoverers quickly collapsed over time to fully identify its parts.

Finally, we would like to point out that the Jeita Grotto tour is not tiring at all. The cave is only 20 kilometers away from the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and with our company providing all convenient means of transportation for our transportation to the various landmarks of our various tours, you will find that it is not stressful at all.