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Package tours to the Lebanese Bsharri . . . Trips to the rich fresh nature

Bsharri is a city in northern Lebanon that has made tourism a pillar of its strength. How can it not, when it contains what is not found in the whole world, where the Cedars of God are. This is in addition to other impressive tourist attractions such as Kadisha Valley and Gibran Museum. And all of the above, which we will talk about in some detail in the next few lines in this article, you will find within the Lebanon Sightseeing company package for tours in that region specifically, which makes your visit through our program in this package the most successful without a doubt.

The tour begins in the Cedars of God, which no longer exists except in the Bsharri Forest, which is considered a nature reserve and is included in the UNESCO heritage preservation list. They are distinct trees that you will not find like them, and they are embraced by a picturesque nature. Walking in them delights the soul before the eye, especially with the fact that they are vast areas filled with dazzling greenery. And while you take the most beautiful memorial photos in the place, you will get to know the stories of many of those historical trees. Some of which are more than a thousand years old.

And near the Cedars of God, there is the Kadisha Valley, which is the next stop in your tour package in Bsharri, where you see a special kind of nature. It is a remote valley among the highlands adorned with plants. The holy river, known in Aramaic as the Kadisha River, flows through it. In this way, the whole place will provide you with wonderful scenes that cannot be erased from memory due to its excessive beauty, in addition to what it gives to the soul of comfort and relaxation.

In the Kadisha Valley tour, you will also learn a lot about the ancient history of the region and the most important events that took place in it, such as the discovery of mummies dating back to the thirteenth century AD and the monasticism that the place was famous for in the past. And on the mention of history, the package of tours in Bsharri does not end before you visit the Gibran Museum, which was established in that area because it is the birthplace of the poet Gibran Khalil Gibran.

That Arab poet whose international fame has transcended and his poems have been translated into many languages of the world for their delicacy and sweetness. In addition, of course, to the story of his legendary love for a writer no less powerful and cultured than him, who is May Ziada. Which he kept exchanging messages without seeing them. He tells her how he imagined her, including her hair, which he imagined to be short, even though May had long hair. It was only her story before she saw him. And when he told her my description was honest. She told him, but it was true love.

All these stories and more, you will enjoy telling them to you when you are in this distinguished museum, which includes many wonderful collections and artifacts that are closely related to the great poet. This makes the museum tour a cultural and historical tour that is rich in many important and impressive information and matters at the same time.