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Three tourist places in Deir El Qamar confirm how wonderful the tours are

Lebanon SightSeeing did not arbitrarily choose the village of Deir El Qamar as part of its most important tours. Rather, because Deir al-Qamar carries tourist advantages, which makes it adorn any tourist program in which you are present as part of it. In order to confirm our point of view, in this article we will talk about three tourist places that are very impressive and will make you eagerly accept Lebanon SightSeeing packages for tours that Deir al-Qamar is an important part of its programs. However, we will have other upcoming articles that talk about other masterpieces in Deir al-Qamar that are no less than those masterpieces that we mention here in this article.

Musa Castle

It is a castle located between Deir al-Qamar and Beiteddine in Lebanon. The castle was established in the year 1969 by Musa Abdul Karim Al-Maamari, who was born in 1931, and it is a distinguished castle because it engraved the beliefs and ideas of its creator on its stones. It’s incredibly cool. Which makes you will not miss her visit without a doubt.

Marie Baz Museum

It is a wax museum in Deir al-Qamar in Lebanon. The museum tells the history of Lebanon since 1512 through wax statues of historical figures who lived in Lebanon, including political, historical, literary and artistic figures. The museum is located inside the palace of Prince Fakhr al-Din II, and the statues were made by ten French sculptors of wide fame, so do not miss the opportunity to visit it if you are a history lover.

Dany Chamoun Square

Dany Chamoun Square is located in the heart of the village of Deir al-Qamar, and it is surrounded on all sides by ancient historical buildings, popular markets, and vast green spaces. The square is an important meeting point, as the most important landmarks of the village of Deir al-Qamar are located around it, so you will not be able to visit Deir al-Qamar without visiting this square.

This square is also surrounded by some fine restaurants that serve delicious Lebanese dishes. The square was named after the martyr Dany Chamoun, the son of the former Lebanese president, who died as a result of the civil war.