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The Roman ruins in Baalbek confirm the beauty of the tours there

Baalbek, a city that is geographically the water gate to Lebanon, from which the longest river of that country, the Litany River, flows out. Historically, it is the gateway to time that carries tourists on a tour through its centuries, each of which left traces showing how life was at the time. Hence, Baalbek has become a destination for many people, to get and enjoy the cultures of its ancient civilizations and see its wonders from the impressive archaeological monuments.

Indeed, one article is not enough to mention the magnificence and beauty of Baalbek. Therefore, our discussion of this wonderful city will include several articles, each of which talks about one of the beauties of that city, which is like an impregnable castle that is not affected by the length of time. Rather, eternity increases its glory and majesty. Our discussion on this topic will include the Roman ruins of the city of Heliopolis as it was known at that time.

It is the first article that we advise you to read about Baalbek, so that you realize that it was necessary that most of the packages for our tours from Lebanon Sightseeing always include a visit to that ancient city, which is listed for its rare historical monuments in the UNESCO heritage preservation lists.

Temple of Bacchus was built in the first century AD for one of the most important gods of Roman civilization at this time. Its international fame is due to the fact that it is one of the largest Roman monuments that have survived to this day. You will be impressed by its architectural style represented by the columns and staircase. As well as its dazzling inscriptions and decorations.

We will find that the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Venus are no less than the Temple of Bacchus in all their greatness and ancient buildings that every tourist praises. These temples are generally divided into many parts. Each part of it represents some of the faith and traditions of that city in the Roman era.

In terms of the offerings that are made there in the altars of the temples. And what was consumed of alcohol, opium and hashish to reach the sacred ecstasy. And many, many entertaining stories that make visiting these temples part of the tour package, which includes a visit to the city of Baalbek, one of the most beautiful.