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Maghdouche tour is an unparalleled treat for the tourists

On the Lebanon SightSeeing Company tour, which includes Sidon – Maghdouche – Tyre, you will find that the village of Maghdouche is not just a middle station between two ancient Lebanese cities. Rather, it is an extremely important part of that tour, representing a unique paradise that is visited by unparalleled pleasure. In the next few lines, the most important characteristic of the village, which will undoubtedly make you enjoy exploring it.

The first thing that distinguishes Maghdouche is that reaching it is not tiring at all. It is located only 50 km south of Beirut and eight km southeast of Sidon, the city that represents the first destination of the company’s tour that we have already mentioned above, which makes it a wonderful destination indeed. This and if you want to visit some sights. You have to take the highway south from Beirut and before you reach Sidon, where you will see a sign that directs you to Maghdouche, where you will surely spend the best times.

For nature lovers, there is an opportunity to stroll down to other nearby areas in beautiful scenery. Very old trees, streams and many small caves can be seen. If you visit Maghdouche at the end of February until the beginning of March, you will notice the distinctive fragrance of orange trees. This village is famous for the orange flower being harvested and used in local products, including orange blossom water, jams and juices. At the beginning of spring, locals, farmers and families take part in picking the flower to sell or distill.

Finally, before you leave Maghdouche, do not miss visiting one of the most famous landmarks in the village of Maghdouche. It is the place known as Our Lady of Mantara, and it is an archaeological place linked to a religious tale. It is believed that this place, which is an ancient cave, is the site in which the Lady Mary waited for her son Christ when he was preaching in those cities: Sidon, Qana and Tyre. It was discovered in 1721 by pure chance when a shepherd at the time tried to rescue a goat that had fallen into a hole.