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Hamra Street… The perfect destination in Beirut’s historic tour

Many people, when they read about the historical Beirut tour organized by our Company Lebanon SightSeeing, think that it is an uninteresting traditional tour that will be full and crammed with boring historical information. On the contrary, our historical tour in Beirut has a lot of excitement, entertainment and suspense. This is because it includes Al-Hamra Street, which, despite its antiquity and the excellent historical tourist attractions it carries, is also full of fun, enjoyment, and modern life that delights the tourist on his tour. The following is in this article the most important features of this street in terms of activities and beautiful things that you will be very happy to do when you are on that tour.

As Hamra Street is one of the oldest streets in Lebanon, and one of the most famous and most active streets in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. It is also the beating heart of the capital day and night, and one of the streets that has great symbolic and commercial importance, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Beirut and all of Lebanon.

The history of Hamra Street in Beirut dates back to the fifteenth era, as it was a center for commercial traffic and exchange of goods in the capital, and at some point in time it became a place for some sects to exist in it to sell their crops and products, and at the beginning of the twentieth era it was called London Street because of its sophistication and grandeur. Today, it is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country.

On Hamra Street, Beirut, you will find a large number of shops and fashion galleries for the most luxurious and prestigious international brands, which are spread among buildings of an old character inspired by Ottoman and French architecture. Pretty traditional.

In addition to the popular cafes, Hamra Street in Beirut also includes a number of international cafes whose tables are spread on the sidewalks of the street, and many distinguished restaurants that offer the most delicious types of Lebanese food and meals from various international cuisines.

At night, the street is illuminated with the most beautiful colored lights to become like a sparkling jewel, and it becomes a center that attracts the various residents of Beirut, local and foreign, as life continues in it until the hours of dawn. Many events, recreational activities, and popular acting and singing performances are held in the street.

Hamra Street in Beirut is distinguished by its proximity to many prominent historical and natural monuments, such as the Raouche Rock, the Beirut National Museum, Martyrs’ Square, which we previously talked about in a previous article, and many other distinctive tourist places in Beirut that you can visit during the Hamra Street tour.