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Find out about the most interesting places in the participation tours in Tripoli

Tripoli is the jewel of the entire Levant in tourism, not just Lebanon. Therefore, Lebanon SightSeeing Company has been keen to provide many tours to explore its wonderful features, which are the treasures of the city and its precious jewels.

Of course, you won’t be able to explore all of Tripoli in one tour. Then you need more than one round to do that for sure. But this is financially costly for those whose circumstances do not allow it. So shall we leave them completely deprived of the dazzling charm of Tripoli?!

Of course not, so our participation tours decided to focus on the most important thing that distinguishes Tripoli and is one of its wonders, which makes it impossible to visit it. And all this for a very simple price per person, with which you will get unforgettable visits to the Citadel of Tripoli, the bathroom and the antique markets.

These are really amazing places and worth your visit. And let’s start according to the program of the Citadel of Tripoli. This castle is a time submarine that takes you through the depths of different eras. It is made up of four layers. This is due to the succession of the greatest conquerors and civilizations.

And that starts from the time of its establishment in the seventh century AD by one of the Arab leaders. Then the Crusader invaders build parts of it. Through the Mamluk era, where its construction developed more and more. Finally, during the reign of the well-known Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, important improvements were made to it, to become an important war center in Tripoli.

And based on the design of the building or the part that you will see during your tour of the castle, you will undoubtedly know in which era it was built, especially with the presence of a professional tour guide who tells you the most important past events associated with that castle.

You will be really impressed by its vast halls that were used for meetings, soldiers and weapons, as well as the windows that were designated for cannons. There are also distinctive towers in the castle that are worth seeing and photographing.

After the castle, you have an excellent opportunity to shop and explore a group of wonderful antique monuments at the same time. This is by visiting the old city markets. It’s six markets that you can’t override in favor of another.

The first and most beautiful of these markets is the copper market, which was built in the Mamluk era, and sells copper products that can be wonderful souvenirs. There is also the Bazarkan market for beautiful, high-end fabrics, and the goldsmiths market, which is truly one of the most beautiful markets in Tripoli.

In our tour, you will also visit each of the Attarin market for rare or other delicious or useful spices and herbs, the Al-Kandarjiah market for the latest fashion and clothing, and finally the Haraj market, which dates back to the Mamluk era, during which you must not forget to take the most beautiful memorial photos next to its ancient columns made It is made of granite, which gives the market an impressive classic look.

And at the end of our happy tour, you will find Hammam waiting for you. It is the only ancient bath that works in Tripoli, among its many baths that date back to the Ottoman times. Unfortunately, some of them have been demolished, and some of them have become deserted.

As for Hammam, it is fully operational, providing its visitors with an exciting adventure in having a bath and spa in the old traditional Ottoman way. It will be an excellent opportunity to get a perfect relaxation and recuperation after the exhaustion that you may have suffered from the different visits within our tour.