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A visit of a lifetime … a tour of Jeita Grotto

Just looking at the pictures of Jeita Grotto that fill the internet makes you assert the need to travel to Lebanon to see this wonder, which is one of the wonderful anecdotes of nature. Here in this article we will explain to you verbally everything that you will see there when you are in the place. Which will increase your enjoyment of the visit.

History of formation and discovery of Jeita

Jeita Grotto was formed by natural erosion factors, meaning that man had nothing to do with its construction. And frankly, the factors of nature made a very creative aesthetic place. To the extent that the place made it to the finalists as the best natural places in the world.

This is despite the presence of the cave from a long time ago, the formations made by the water in the limestone that makes up the cave, geologists believe, need thousands of years for it to take place in this way. Therefore, the history of the formation of the cave is believed to be due to the Stone Age, but it was not officially discovered until the eighteenth century by Willian Thompson.

Soon it was officially opened for tourism for the first time in 1969. But this did not last long, as the civil war soon broke out in Lebanon, prompting those in charge of the government to close the cave during that period. To be reopened again and allowed to visit since 1996.

The most beautiful thing you can see in Jeita Grotto

The magnificence of the tour in the cave begins at the beginning of your journey to the place. As the cave is located about 18 kilometers underground. And you can only reach it via a boat that crosses the river to it underground, in a very exciting adventure for lovers of discovering pristine nature. And then you are with an area of six square kilometers in which you contemplate the best natural formations that you will not stop taking souvenir photos of because of your admiration for them.

As for what is really distinguished and really enthralls your mind, it is represented by the wonderful transparency of the river water inside the cave. It is the intensity of that transparency see the formations of the cave reflected on it. Videos are better than still photos to highlight the beauty of this as a souvenir of your visit.

There are trains inside the cave that transport visitors between its different places and levels. Which makes the tour not tiring at all? Children are also allowed on this tour, which means that it is a non-dangerous tour despite its excitement.

Jeita Grotto Statue

Finally, before you leave the place after the end of the tour, be sure to visit the huge statue located in the cave, which weighs several tons and is about six meters long. It is one of the dazzling in the place that should not be overlooked, of course, by the lens of your camera.

Hurry up and do not hesitate to take that tour, as the opportunity for such a visit is limited, as the place closes in January and February.